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28 (2019), 1

After the First World War, large parts of Europe were unable to overcome the postwar societal state in which public participation in politics was sometimes accompanied by a high degree of internal political violence. Militant behavior played a key role especially for the newly forming right and the paramilitary associations. Youths and students in particular were important multipliers in such movements since they viewed them as fields of experimentation for violent experiences, often concealing their lack of combat experience during the war with increasing brutality against internal and external enemies.



13/05 2020
L'Anvur colloca la nostra rivista in fascia A

Nell'aprile 2020, L’ANVUR (Agenzia nazionale di valutazione del sistema universitario e della ricerca) ha comunicato l'esito della valutazione della la rivista “Geschichte und Region/Storia e regione”, collocandola in fascia A per l’area 11, settori 11/A1 (Storia medievale), 11/A2 (Storia moderna), 11/A3 (Storia contemporanea), 11/A4 (Storia del libro e del documento e scienze storico religiose), a partire dai numeri del 2016.

10/01 2020

Deadline: 28 February 2020