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    31 (2022), Special issue

    Special Issue: Regions of History and Reasons for History

    The journal Geschichte und Region/Storia e regione owes a debt of thanks to Helmut Alexander for much more than just its name. His work constitutes a modernized, multidisciplinary form of regional history, whose concerns he has represented with great conviction, on the strengths of his origins and educational training. This special issue of our journal is dedicated to Helmut Alexander to mark his sixty-fifth birthday. It aims to place his many merits in the foreground, as well as reflecting on the tasks facing a varied and open approach to the regional history of the central Alps. A biographical sketch of the dedicatee’s personal and professional career is accompanied by contributions in German and Italian, which address the journal’s core concerns and, above all, illustrate Alexander’s activities in connecting research and scholars across the Tyrol-Trentino region and beyond. 

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